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Unpublished Textbook for Science Education:

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The following LCPs are available on the two websites given below:

  • LCP 1: Intuitive Physics and Motion
  • LCP 2: Motion and the Pendulum
  • LCP 3: The Physics of the Large And Small
  • LCP 4: Wind Energy
  • LCP 5: The Flight of the Space Shuttle
  • LCP 6: Solar Energy
  • LCP 7: The Rotating Space Station
  • LCP 8: Physics on the Moon
  • LCP 9: The Age of the Earth and the Sun
  • LCP 10: Journey to Mars
  • LCP 11: Asteroid/Earth Collisions
  • LCP 12: Hitchhiking on an Asteroid
  • LCP 13: Thought Experiments and the Theory of Relativity
  • LCP 14: The Physics of Star Trek

These can be downloaded from two websites: and from the Manitoba Crystal website.

A Monograph for the Presentation of LCPs
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